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Maine Development Foundation

The Maine Development Foundation will assist with an integrated, multi-agency Economic Development Assessment Team, known as an EDAT, established by the U.S. Department of Commerce to assist Maine’s forest products industry in the wake of several mill closures. MDF will work with local community and business leaders to facilitate series of meetings to address the economic development challenges facing the state’s forest-based economy. MDF's role is to coordinate, track and report on the numerous and disparate activities that will be involved in the forest economy recovery effort at all levels.

The EDAT was established in response to a request from the Maine Congressional Delegation. It comprises representatives from eight federal agencies, state officials, local and regional leaders, and invited experts.

"The goal of the EDAT will be to leverage the power of multiple federal government agencies and harness stakeholder input to create economic development strategies that help pave the way for job growth in rural Maine communities in the years to come." - U.S. Congress Media Release

For more information, please contact Forest Economy Project

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