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Leadership Intensive

The ICL Leadership Intensive is an experiential learning opportunity for leaders in public, private and nonprofit organizations to hone their understanding of themselves, their teams, their organizations and communities, as well as develop and practice the skills necessary to achieve their goals. The 14-day program spans 8 months from September to April. It includes an Outward Bound action learning component in the beautiful Maine woods. The program also features a community project or practicum that implements learned tools and skills in a real issue facing our community.

A seasoned team of coaches, facilitators, and consultants provide training for:
• Collaborative leadership
• Problem solving techniques
• Complex change leadership

Graduates finish the program with new and highly relevant skills that advance their ability to effectively and significantly lead change in their organization and their communities. By increasing participants’ capacities as leaders and creating a network of skilled leaders, the Leadership Intensive strengthens our communities and the fabric of our region.

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Upcoming Events

40th Anniversary Celebration, Leadership Alumni Celebration and Annual Meeting

October 25th, 2018
Join MDF for an afternoon of professional development, networking and celebration of Leadership Maine's & ICL Leadership Intensive's 25th Anniversaries, followed by the MDF Annual Meeting, Cocktail Hour and 40th Anniversary Celebration. Read more...

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Leadership Intensive


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"Training and development is one of the most important methods of impacting employee engagement and retention. To those in an organization without a formal leadership development program, or those with management-level programs only, the Leadership Intensiveis a wonderful way to invest in your up-and-coming people at all levels, or to round out senior level skills.”Elizabeth Ross-Holmstrom Founder of BreakTogether


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