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Implementation Application & Instructions

Grants to Green Maine

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Please Note: All required attachments must be emailed to Anne Ball with the name of your organization and "Email 1 of 2" etc. in the Subject line (the combined total of attachments cannot exceed 10 MB. If they total more than 9 MB, it is safer to send two emails with 1/2 of the files attached to each). When labeling your attachments, please include the letters indicated below. Acceptable document formats: Excel, CSV, Word, PDF, Text, or Rich Text File. Acceptable photo formats: jpg, PDF, gif, tiff, png, or eps.

I. Prior to starting your grant application we suggest you gather, scan (please use a low resolution setting like 150 dpi), and/or complete all of the following:

A. A photograph of the building (low resolution - no more than 150 dpi)

B. The GtG Organization Budget (Word document - please fill out and save)

C. The GtG Project Budget (Word document - please fill out and save)

D. Copy of Internal Revenue Service's current 501 C (3) designation letter or a copy of your IRS 501 C(3) number

E. Current Business or Strategic Plan – send the entire plan

F. Scanned copy of signed and dated deed proving building ownership or lease agreement proving long-term lease for at least 5 years or more

G. Scanned copy of a letter from Board of Directors signed by the organization's Board Chair that includes a statement supporting the participation of the organization in Grants to Green and the appointment of a Green Champion.

H. List of Board Members, including occupation, city/town of residence

I. Copy of the completed Energy Assessment/Audit - either from a Grants to Green Assessment Grant, an audit from the last 2 years, or an audit pre-approved by Grants to Green staff

J. The GtG Audit Cover Sheet (PDF form - please fill out and save)

Green Champion Information Form (please complete and submit electronically)

Implementation Match Commitment Form (please complete and submit electronically)

If you are planning on including Efficiency Maine incentives as part of your Grants to Green match, please note that an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner must submit incentive applications. Click for a list of Qualified Partners. If your current contractor is not an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner, they may become one by completing the application process, or by calling 1-866- 376-2463. Click for more information about Efficiency Maine incentives or by calling 1-866- 376-2463.

II. Complete and submit this Implementation Grant Application

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