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Maine Development Foundation


Revitalizing Maine's Downtowns

An Order to Strengthen and Restore Maine’s Downtowns

Bath, Maine

Maine's downtowns are critical components of the state's economic structure. Downtowns provide residents and visitors with retail, industry, tourism opportunities, and services all conveniently located. Vibrant downtowns provide local municipalities with increased revenues and help stabilize local tax rates, while attracting creative entrepreneurs and young professional talent. Downtowns in service center communities provide services and resources on a regional basis, mitigating the effects and costs of sprawl. Our downtowns are each unique, providing distinct cultural and social opportunities in lovely, historic settings. Both as economic engines and as ambassadors for the quality of life Maine residents and visitors enjoy, our downtowns are valuable treasures worthy of support.

A number of barriers exist at the state and local level that discourage or prevent downtown redevelopment efforts. Through conversations with stakeholders from across the state, the Maine Downtown Center and its partners have developed a series of recommendations in this report to increase investment in Maine's downtowns.



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