MDF’s Bri Bowman, Program Director, FOR/Maine Coalition is featured in Maine Public lecture series

MDF’s Bri Bowman, Program Director with the FOR/Maine (Forest Opportunity Roadmap) Coalition, was a featured speaker during a lecture entitled “Maine’s Forests” on September 24. The lecture is one in a series of three that explore the importance of preserving nature in Maine, combating climate change, and the challenges we face. Bri outlined ways our forest industry is modifying its practices and products to become more sustainable

Maine Public has partnered with The Nature Conservancy in Maine, as well as the Maine Education Association and the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, to put the lecture series together. They are airing in conjunction with the PBS “Age of Nature” TV series, which will air locally on Maine Public Television beginning on October 14th.

Watch Bri and the full “Maine Forests” lecture.