Measures of Growth Report

Since 1994, MDF’s annual Measures of Growth has tracked 25+ indicators that provide a comprehensive snapshot of how Maine’s economy is faring. The Report is produced in conjunction with the Maine Economic Growth Council (MEGC) and therefore provides unique, non-partisan and independent data that is a trusted, critical tool in policy, business, community and individual decision making. It is designed to provide a way to understand the connections between and among the major issues affecting the economy and well-being of Maine people.

Each year, the indicators included collectively support the idea that Maine’s quality of life depends upon a vibrant and sustainable economy, thriving communities, and a healthy environment. Past performance and current conditions inform the establishment of future benchmarks for each indicator that are aspirational, potentially attainable and against which we can measure our collective progress.  The Growth Council takes great pains to also provide insight into the disparities, at times significant, which exist within our state.