Revive Civility

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MDF is partnering with the National Institute for Civil Discourse to lead Revive Civility in Maine. The grassroots initiative is part of a nationwide plan to proactively engage 100,000 citizens to learn the skills to improve public and political discourse. Civility experts from the nonpartisan NICD work with MDF and the League of Women Voters of Maine to engage that state’s citizens on the importance of civility.

NICD has set a target of hosting 400 conversations on building civility, with a goal of engaging 100,000 people in Arizona, Iowa, Maine, and Ohio.

The initiative provides opportunity to engage Maine legislators and citizens from across the political spectrum to build relationships, find common ground, and strengthen the foundation for our leaders to collaborate to tackle problems impacting our great state.

Join us in making Maine even better at having the critical conversations that will move us forward economically, build community and strengthen leaders.

Read the press release: NICD Launches in Maine.