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Leadership is more important now than ever. Advance, retool, expand – get help with the tools, connections and skills to make important decisions, even in the face of uncertainty.

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Join more than 1200 graduates

The Leadership Maine curriculum is designed for leaders from all sectors. As you work on real-life challenges, you’ll gain the skills necessary to drive economic growth throughout Maine.

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A free program for all Maine legislators

At MDF’s Policy Leadership Academy, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of the Maine economy and the factors that drive long-term growth. 

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Leadership Development with MDF

MDF believes that when you bring together Mainers, equip them with leadership skills, immerse them in critical issues, excite them about the future and empower them to take action, they can rise to the moment. Our leadership programs are designed to do just that – in person or online for statewide access. We serve leaders across all sectors by providing the curriculum and experiences that prepare them to get something done in the midst of ever-changing challenges and unexpected opportunities.

Institute for Civic Leadership

The Institute for Civic Leadership is an experiential, eight month, inward journey that enables a leader to develop the skills to lead in a collaborative and facilitative way.

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Leadership Maine

Leadership Maine is a powerful, nine month, outward journey that takes a leader beyond their day-to-day experience and expands their capacity to shape our state’s future.

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Policy Leaders Academy

Policy Leaders Academy is a non-partisan experiential immersion for legislators in the fundamentals of the Maine economy, the factors that drive long-term growth, and how public policy decisions affect investment.

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Leadership Program Alumni

MDF offers professional development, networking, community service and impactful engagement opportunities to the 1800+ alumni of Leadership Maine and ICL.

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Realize Maine

The Realize Maine Network brings together regional group representation united around the cause of attracting and retaining young people to live, work, and play in Maine.

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Realize Maine Network

The Realize Maine Network connects regional groups, business, organizations and policymakers to share best practices for attracting and retaining young people to live, work and thrive in Maine.

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Revive Civility

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