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Thank you for your interest in ICL.  This year’s Bigelow Class is successfully moving forward through virtual class sessions.  Participants are diving into new ways of learning, but long for a time when we will once again meet in person. When it is safe to do so, we will gather for a few final days to connect and wrap-up our experience together, and graduate!

Recruiting for the the next ICL Class is underway. This training and the peer support network the programs offer is perhaps more essential now than ever given the demands leaders face and the need for sharp adaptive skills in the “new normal”. The 2020-2021 program is slated to start in September and, considering current COVID19 forecasts, we think that will be possible.  While the first deadline for applications was April 13th, we recognize that much of our and your attention has been focused on work, family, and staying healthy.  In light of these extenuating circumstances, we will continue to accept applications until July 2. If you need more time, please do let us know if we should be expecting your application. We hope so!

The deadline for submitting applications has been extended to July 2, 2020.

Use the links below to apply now or contact Julie Beane for more information.

The Institute for Civic Leadership is an experiential, eight month, inward journey during which leaders hone their understanding of themselves, their teams, their organizations and communities while developing and practicing the necessary skills to lead effectively in today’s fast-paced environment.

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Through the program, leaders:

  • Delve into their capacity to lead in a collaborative, facilitative and adaptive way, and how to develop these skills where necessary
  • Learn firsthand how to manage decisions and agreements for interdependent work
  • Learn how to lead difficult conversations, provide peer coaching and consultation to support others’ work
  • Explore systems thinking and network theory for context, perspective and intervention
  • Explore facilitative methods to ensure processes and team relationships have the broadest possible impact

The Institute for Civic Leadership curriculum is designed for leaders from all sectors. Now in its 27th year, the program has graduated nearly 800 leaders who are passionate about having a lasting, deep impact on Maine communities.

Alumni of the Institute for Civic Leadership (formerly Leadership Intensive) describe how the facilitative techniques they use help them be effective leaders and empower their teams to succeed.

“Training and development is one of the most important methods of impacting employee engagement and retention. The Institute for Civic Leadership is a wonderful way to invest in your up-and-coming people at all levels, or to round out senior level skills.”

Elizabeth Ross-Holmstrom, Founder of BreakTogether

Graduates of the Institute for Civic Leadership describe how the program enables leaders to build a network of support and collective impact.

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