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Leadership in Action Breakfast: Mental Health in the Workplace – Evolving Best Practices in the Hybrid World

Location: TBD

7:30 - 10 a.m. A panel of mental health experts & Alumni will share the approaches and best practices they use to support employees as we continue to navigate the hybrid work world, uncertainty, and new opportunities that the seismic shifts of the last three years present. We will then do workshop-style breakout sessions in smaller groups to see how we each can apply these best practices and approaches in our own organizations and communities.

30th Anniversary Alumni Celebration

Location: Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center, 5 Boardwalk Dr, Saco

Join us for an afternoon of activities and workshops aimed at re-invigorating those skills learned during your time in the programs. This includes Outward Bound-style activities (no ropes or rock climbing!) and facilitated workshops. We will culminate the day with a dinnertime banquet and celebration.

Leadership in Action Breakfast: Projects of Passion – Volunteering & Mentoring in Community

Location: TBD

7:30 – 10:00 a.m. A panel of Alums & volunteer organizations will share their passion for volunteering and mentoring, and the impact it has in their communities, on younger generations, and in their own lives. We will then hold space for alumni who lead these efforts around the state to meet in small groups & one-on-one with Alums interested in becoming volunteers and/or mentors.

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