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Your support makes what we do possible.

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Your contributions help MDF drive sustainable economic growth and improve the lives of all Mainers through trusted research, leadership development, and creative partnerships that connect businesses, policymakers, educators, community leaders, and other nonprofits.

By donating today, you help keep us independent and impactful in our unique role as a nonpartisan, statewide, public-private convener and catalyst with individual, corporate, nonprofit, and government agency members from across the state.

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Maine needs an economy built around community.

That’s where we come in.


Improving the health of Maine’s Main Streets.

MDF’s Maine Downtown Center provides nationally accredited guidance and technical training on stabilizing, revitalizing, and enhancing downtown communities with an eye toward preservation-based economic development.


Ensuring a bright future for Maine’s rural communities and industries.

MDF celebrates the historic, economic, and future value of Maine’s rural communities and industries like forestry and fisheries. We are a key partner and catalyst in efforts like the FOR/Maine Coalition to stabilize, transform, attract investment for, and breathe new life into these essential sectors.


Attracting and retaining the best and the brightest for Maine.

All MDF programs and partnerships are enmeshed with efforts like Maine Spark to attract, develop, and retain the skilled workforce we need now and into the future. This includes access to affordable, quality education at all levels.


Nurturing the next generation of Maine leaders.

MDF understands the importance of leadership in our communities and places of business during economic crisis, recovery, and growth, and achieving sustainability. Throughout the COVID-19 health crisis and the ensuing economic recovery, we continue to develop leaders and arm them with training and resources so they can be effective stabilizers and catalyzers.


Empowering Maine’s decision-makers with trusted, unbiased data.

MDF’s unique role as a nonpartisan, independent convener has enabled us to establish unparalleled trust in our data collection and analysis to produce unbiased reports such as the annual Measures of Growth report, which is used by policymakers, businesses, and community leaders to make economic development decisions.

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“There are many inspiring innovations and bright successes across Maine – even in these most challenging times. Yet the coming months and possibly years will be especially difficult for many of us and for our neighbors, businesses and communities. Your contributions enable MDF to be a compassionate, committed, collaborative and critical support during COVID-19 and the economic recovery once the pandemic has subsided.”

Yellow Light Breen, MDF President & CEO

“Partnering with MDF provides you instant access to an incredible, non-partisan statewide network. MDF has spent 42 years building trust among this network and you gain access to that trust, support from peers, and are part of improving the lives of all Mainers.”

Mike Gawtry, former MDF Board of Directors Chair and former Director of Sporting Equipment, Travel, Field Testing and Innovation for L.L. Bean

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