Seafood industry contributes $3.2B a year to the Maine economy, report says

A new report out by the SEA Maine (Seafood Economic Accelerator) initiative, in which MDF is a key partner and staffs, highlights how critical the seafood industry is to Maine’s overall economy and workforce. Key findings of the report are featured in a comprehensive article in Mainebiz.

The sector supported over 33,300 jobs statewide in 2019, including 23,846 in sector industries and 7,300 additional jobs supported by other indirect and induced multiplier effects. 

The study focused on 2019, before the pandemic. It concludes that continual updating and improvement of economic data should be a priority for the industry and policymakers. 

“We need to embrace these opportunities and educate people on the resiliency of this resource we have here in Maine and show how we are poised for economic growth,” said Ben Martens, executive director of the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association and a SEA Maine Advisory member.