Health Insurance Coverage


Health insurance coverage is stable and above the U.S. average

No significant movement since the last available data

Benchmark: The percentage of Maine’s population with health insurance coverage will rise and remain above the U.S. rate.

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This measure tracks the proportion of the population with health insurance coverage. Higher health insurance coverage rates improve access to health care services, support local health care systems, and boost families’ ability to pay for necessities.

The proportion of Maine residents with health insurance coverage has remained constant at about 92% since 2015. In 2020, this placed Maine one percentage point higher than the national average of 91%. An estimated 101,000 people in Maine do not have health insurance coverage. Regionally, health insurance coverage rates for people under age 65 range from 86.7% in Washington County to 92.5% in Cumberland County.

The Census Bureau’s Small Area Health Insurance Estimates offer data on racial differences in health insurance coverage in Maine, although only in three categories: White alone, Black alone, and Hispanic (any race). In 2020, 91% of White Mainers under age 65 had health insurance coverage, compared with 89% of Black Mainers and only 81% of Hispanic Mainers.


Fig. A

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Population with Health Insurance Coverage

U.S. Census Bureau