State & Local Tax Burden0.9

In 2019, Maine’s tax burden was 12.3%.

Research & Development0

From 2017 to 2018, R&D spending remained virtually unchanged.

Prekindergarten Education2

In 2020-21, the share of schools with a pre-K program rose from 77% to 79%.

Postsecondary Degrees and Credentials2

In 2019, 53% of Mainers had a degree or a professional credential, up 2% from 2018 but still below the New England average of 58%.

International Exports-14

In 2020, Maine’s exports fell 14%, similar to the national decline of 13%.

Fourth-Grade Reading0

In 2019, the share of 4th graders proficient in reading remained at 36%.

Entrepreneurship (New)4

In 2019, the number of business starts exceeded closures by 4%.

Eighth-Grade Math-2

The share of 8th graders proficient in math dropped slightly and has remained below 40% for decades.

Cost of Health Care-0.7

In 2020, health care spending dropped to 17.3% of total expenditures, but above-average health care costs are a continuing challenge for Maine.

Cost of Energy

The price of industrial electricity fell 0.3¢/kWh in 2020 but still exceeds the U.S. average.