Fundamental Performance Indicators


In 2020, average wages rose 10%, but may be distorted because many low-wage jobs were lost due to COVID.


In 2020, value-added per worker rose 2%, but remained 25% below the U.S. average.

Racial/Ethnic Income Equity2

In 2015-2019, the average incomes of BIPOC*and Latino or Hispanic Mainers rose but remained 37% below White Mainers, dramatically short of full equity. *Black, Indigenous, People of Color


In 2019, poverty fell about 1%. Official 2020 estimates are not yet available.

Labor Force Participation (New)-2

In 2020, 60.5% of Maine adults were in the labor force, down 2 percentage points.

Labor Force-3

In 2020, the labor force shrank 3% (20,000 fewer working Mainers).

Gross Domestic Product-4

Maine’s GDP fell 4% in 2020, mirroring declines elsewhere in the U.S.

Gender Income Equity-4

In 2019, women’s average earnings fell 4% further behind men’s earnings, to 80%.